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Costume Design

Gossip | Costume Designer | Filmed Jul '22
| Director. Hannah Renton | Producer. Joanna Vymeris | DOP. Rui Jiang Ong | Production Company. NFTS |

Costumes designed, hired, commissioned and made for an NFTS grad film set in 1602 England, focussing on a group of working women. Featuring a strong colour pallet inspired by the setting. The film has seven principal cast with a few supporting artists.

BTS photos by Sasha List

A Story Told Through Hands | Costume Designer | Filmed May '22
| Director. Jane Davis | Producer. Sophie Outhwaite | DOP. Helena Gonzalez | Production Company. NFTS |

An NHS commercial for CAMHS. Costumes designed and sourced for a mother and daughter with a strong colour pallet and repeating motifs to signify the different cast members all play the same daughter as she grows up.

The Ashes You Leave Behind | Costume Designer | Filmed April '22
| Director. Victor De Almeida | Producer. Mo Abdelkhalek | DOP. Erdvilas Abukevičius | Production Company. PhoenixWorksFilms |

This black and white short centres on a divorced couple in the aftermath of a funeral. Minimal, simple costuming required to echo the emotional void the characters find themselves in.

Memories of Mummy and Daddy | Costume Designer | Filmed March '22
| Director. Johannes Magnus Aule | Producer. Chloe O'Donoghue & Jordi Ginard Jaume | DOP. Helena Gonzalez | Production Company. NFTS |

Costumes designed, sourced and made for an NFTS digi film shot in black and white, switching throughout from modern day to one of the characters' reimagined past. This project included lots of collaboration with the DOP to ensure the best outcome for shooting in black and white.

Scrap of Paper | Costume Designer | Filmed Feb '21 & Feb '22
| Director. Victor De Almeida | Producer. Stephen Carruthers | DOP. Matthew Hicks | Production Company. PhoenixWorksFilms |

With a year between the two blocks of filming, I learnt the huge importance of keeping track of continuity. Multiple costumes sourced on a tight budget, including making a baby bump for the character Pam. Mainly modern-day with a quick flashback of about a decade.