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Costume Trainee Too Much

Netflix | Designer. Arielle Cooper-Lethem | Supervisor. Lauren Howick | London | January - June 2024 (current)

I am currently a Costume Trainee on the upcoming Netflix series Too Much. My role mostly consists of check-ins, returns and prepping costumes for fittings. I also have a few days on set where I help with SA continuity.

Wardrobe Assistant LaplandUK 2023

LUK Events | HOD. Ria Wicks | MOD. Lucy Bond | Ascot | October - December 2023

I  returned for my third season at the live Christmas event LaplandUK as a Wardrobe Assistant. For the 2023 season I joined the team in October to help set up the wardrobe space, and then assisted with dressing and repairs whilst the event was live in November and December.

Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 13.31.45.png

Costume Trainee Dinosaur

BBC | Designer. Carole Millar | Supervisor. Emma Webster | Glasgow | August - September 2023

I was the Costume Trainee for new BBC comedy series Dinosaur. My duties included being responsible for SA continuity, becoming familiar with SyncOnSet and handling receipts and expense forms.

Costume Consultant LaplandUK 2023

LUK Events | HOD. Ria Wicks | MOD. Lucy Bond | Windsor | April - July 2023

I returned to the costume workroom for LaplandUK, to assist with costume repairs and post-live jobs after the 2022 season to ensure the existing costume stock is in it's best state ready for the 2023 season. I also began the process of converting hiking boots into Elf Shoes before needing to leave and start my next job.

Costume Designer The Best Seat in the World

NFTS | Dir. Pierce Jones | Beaconsfield | June 2023

For an advertisement supporting independent British cinema, I designed and sourced three costumes for the same woman for the settings of an old Hollywood cafe, a WW2 battlefield, and a small boat lost at sea. All costumes had to portray different versions of the same character, whilst staying in the strict burgundy colour pallet.

ghosts photo.jpeg

Costume Trainee Ghosts S5

BBC | Designer. Lucy Williams | Supervisor. Jenny Hawkins | Surrey | January - March 2023

I was the Costume Trainee during filming of the latest series of Ghosts. My responsibilities included prepping costumes for the following day, dressing cast and resetting trailers.

Wardrobe Assistant LaplandUK 2022

LUK Events | HOD. Ria Wicks/Orla Thorne | MOD. Megan Kennedy | Ascot | September - December 2022

I  returned to live Christmas event LaplandUK as a Wardrobe Assistant. For the 2022 season I joined the team in September to carry out a variety of pre-live jobs, including many fittings with principal cast members in October, and then assisting with dressing and repairs whilst the event was live in November and December.

Curtain Maker LaplandUK

LaplandUK | HOD. Nick Odell | Berkshire | August - November 2022

I sourced the fabrics for and made eleven pairs of curtains to go up in the windows of the Elf houses that are seen around LaplandUK when it is live. I also made multiple pairs of curtains for Father Christmas' hut.


Costume Designer Gossip

NFTS | Dir. Hannah Renton | Essex & Buckinghamshire | July 2022

Set at the very end of the Elizabethan Era. In preparing for this short, I supervised two costume makers and a milliner, made some pieces myself, hired from The Royal Shakespeare Company, and sourced outliers at the last minute. I was also present on set and had a Costume Assistant to assist me at the beginning and end of the shoot - until now, when acting as Costume Designer I had always done so alone. I learnt a lot by managing a very small costume department.

Costume Maker (Elf Shoes) LaplandUK 2022 

LUK Events | HOD. Ria Wicks/Orla Thorne | Dept MOD. Lucy Bond | Hever | April - June 2022

In a mixture of working alone and in a pair with the Deputy Manager of Department to convert 150 pairs of hiking boots into boots fit for Elves to wear in the Christmas live event of Nov - Dec 2022.


Costume Designer A Story Told Through Hands

NFTS | Dir. Jane Davis | Beaconsfield | May 2022

I had one week of prep to source multiple costumes for a mother and daughter in multiple vignettes of their relationship as the daughter grows up. An NHS commercial for CAMHS.

Costume Assistant The T3st

Akran Creative Company | Cost Des. Eleni Bantra | London | May 2022

I acted as Costume Assistant on one day of this shoot, for a very similar scene to one I had previously costumed, and learnt a lot from the designer from how she did things.

Costume Designer The Ashes You Left Behind

PhoenixWorksFilms | Dir. Victor De Almeida | Ramsgate | April 2022

In this black & white short, minimal costuming was required. However it was very important to capture two grieving parents in the aftermath of their daughter's funeral correctly.


Costume Designer Memories of Mummy and Daddy

NFTS | Dir. Johannes Magnus Aule | Marlow | March 2022 

This project taught me a lot about costuming for black & white, after a lot of collaboration with the cinematographer in pre-production I designed and sourced multiple costumes for three cast members. There were essentially two time periods - modern day, and a warped 'past' where I tried to mix a timeless and 50s style.

Costume Designer Scrap of Paper

PheonixWorksFilms | Dir. Victor De Almeida | London | February 2021 & February 2022 

With a year between the first and second batch of shooting, I learnt a lot about the importance of continuity on this short, as we were trying to match to our work of a year earlier.

Wardrobe Assistant LaplandUK 2021 

LUK Events | HOD. Ria Wicks/Orla Thorne | MOD. Megan Kennedy | Ascot | November - December 2021 

For two months I worked as a groups dresser for the live event LaplandUK - an immersive Christmas themes family day out to culminating in a visit with Father Christmas.


Costume Designer The Order: Severus & The Order: Fidelius

PhoenixWorksFilms | Dir. Victor De Almeida | London | October 2021 

Three scenes for two of the proposed follow up episodes to The Order: Rosier were shot together. Through a mixture of sourcing and making I created costumes for: Lily Potter, James Potter, Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore and school uniforms for a teenage flashback of the Marauders.

Costume Trainee (Daily) Call The Midwife S11

Neal Street Productions Ltd | Cost Des. Claire Lynch | Surrey | June, July, September - November 2021 

I spent most of my days at Call The Midwife assisting the Crowd Costume Supervisor in the truck and at the marquee assisting with dressing SAs. I also went to set and shadowed daily standbys.


Costume Designer Whiteboy

NFTS | Dir. Matty Crawford | Buckinghamshire | August 2021 

I designed and sourced costumes for this short mainly set in the Philippines, with some set in England (including a Primary School classroom).

Costume Designer PhatNav

SevenSeas Productions & Sendake Films | Dir. Ian Hylands | Kent | July 2021 

Through a mixture of sourcing and making, I created around a hundred looks in total for eight characters, and acted as supervisor and standby for the two weeks of filming.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 15.12.43.png

Costume Designer The Order: Rosier

PhoenixWorksFilms | Dir. Victor De Almeida | Surrey | March 2021 

For this minisode I made four Death Eater costumes, and sourced costumes for 20-something versions of popular Harry Potter characters James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew (also mysterious Death Eater, Evan Rosier).

Costume Standby The Dinner After

NFTS | Dir. Matty Crawford | Reading | March 2021 

For my first collaboration with the NFTS, I acted as Costume Standby/Supervisor on set, and helped to make some final decisions as costumes had been chosen by director and production designer and had a couple of gaps that I was happy to help fill.

Breakdown Artist Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

The Well Productions | Dir. Timo Vuorensola | Cost Des. Justine Arbuthnot | Berkshire | November 2020 

I broke down a small selection of costumes to be worn by SAs during a scene set at a horror festival.


Costume Maker Once a Year on Blackpool Sands

Baby Dog Films | Dir. Karlton Parris | Hartlepool & Bradford | October 2018 & March 2019 

I worked as part of a small team to create miners' dungarees, and then again in a pair to create seven 1950s Police uniforms.

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