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University Work

Nightmare Before Christmas | 3rd Year | Major Project | May '20

These two costumes were designed and created by me for my final major project at the end of my time at university. Due  to the coronavirus pandemic, these were nearly completely made at home due to my university having to close - this is also the reason why photographs had to be taken on mannequins.

They depict the characters Jack Skellington and Sally for a hypothetical live-action remake on the 1993 animation - they are largely fantasy, while Jack is also inspired by the early 20th century, and Sally by the Victorian Era.

The Wilis Ballet Costume | 3rd Year | Minor Project | Nov '19

This ballet costume was created during my final year at university. It is my take on the wilis from the ballet Giselle. The costume includes a romantic tutu, droplet beads, french knots, trapunto and handmade fabric flowers.

Model - Christina Marshall

Photographer - Grace Ede

A Dress for Cleopatra | Work Experience | Jun '19

This dress was created as a reaction to Guido Reni's painting Cleopatra with the Asp, and was put on display at The Bowes Museum (Barnard castle, County Durham) during the exhibition The Power and The Virtue: Guido Reni's Death of  Lucretia. The pleats of the fabric were created by pressing tight gathers, the belt was created with dragonscale smocking and hand embroidery.

Model - Alice Clark

Photographer - Grace Ede

Violet Baudelaire | 2nd Year | Specialist Focus | May'19

I made this costume for Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events - specifically for the first chapter of The Bad Beginning.  I decided to set it in the 1910s, but with an unidentifiable geographical setting. During this project I did whitework, goldwork, leather work and fabric flowers.

Model - Molly Frankland

Photographer - Grace Ede

Tailored Jacket | 2nd Year | Tailoring | May'19

In my second year of university I had a tailoring module. The final outcome of this module was this purple lambswool jacket inspired by one worn by Kilgrave in Netflix's Jessica Jones.

Model - Bartek Wawrykow

Photographers - Grace Ede and Abigail Butterworth